Drytac Protac Anti-Graffiti

Protective overlaminating film for a variety of applications

Drytac Protac Anti-Graffiti is a 0.8 mil (20μ) high gloss PET film with an anti-graffiti coating on the surface, coated on the other side with a high coat weight pressure sensitive, solvent acrylic adhesive that is protected by a one side siliconized PET release liner. Both the film and adhesive contain UV stabilizers, which protect against UV degradation. The high coat weight and strength of the adhesive makes Protac Anti-Graffiti ideal for laminating over UV inks as well as (eco) solvent and latex prints.

Drytac Protac Anti-Graffiti has a fire rating, making it perfect for applications in public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations, such as airports, hotels and hospitals.