Extract is a pioneering paper inspired by our environment. It is a dynamic combination of chemistry and aritstry that takes disposable paper coffee cups destined for landfill and transforms them into beautiful paper. With ten colours drawn directly from nature, the product is the result of a unique collaboration between consumer, recucler and papermaker. Using CupCycling technology, we’re taking 90% of the waste from each cup and converting it back into FSC certified paper fibre. This means every sheet of Extract in 380gsm paper contains at least 5 upcycled coffee cups. The remaining 10% of waste – which is plastic – will become something else entirely. It’s a zero waste porcess, so the more Extract that gets used, the few cips go to landfill or incineration.

Available in Aqua, Cactus, Coral, Ember, Flint, Khaki, Moon, Mustard, Pitch and Shell shades.