Intec ColourCut – FB1150


Uses CCD camera and QR code reading

Top of the range flatbed cutter accepting 4 x SRA3 sheets

With the largest cutting table in the range, the FB1150 handles sheets up to B1+ (760mm x 1060mm), with a maximum effective cutting area of up to 740 x 1040mm, ideal for cutting larger B1 sheets from inkjet or printing press applications.

The FB1150 comes with an upgraded registration system to include 7th generation ARMS sensing, for faster job retrieval and 300% faster job registration, making it great for multiple sheet cutting; the Vision3 CCD camera will auto find the position of each sheet. The flatbed comes with a powerful 1000w fan for maximum sheet suction ensuring 4 x SRA3 sheets can be comfortably placed next to each other.