The Reprocentre, a leading supplier of consumables, equipment and services to the general print trade in Ireland has considerably strengthened its position in the large-format sign and display sector by being appointed a reseller of Mimaki printers by Hybrid Services (UK). The company is already one of the top suppliers of high end digital presses in Ireland and the addition of Hybrid/Mimaki kit will now allow it to capitalise on the entry/mid-level sector for large-format printers too.

Eoin Honan, sales director of Reprocentre, said: “Reprocentre looked long and hard at what the market had to offer in this segment, and with plenty of choice out there the decision took a lot longer than the company imagined. However, in the end Hybrid/Mimaki stood out a mile in terms of the best fit for Reprocentre’s business. It is a privately owned company with both owners taking a hands on approach, something which I have also found to be a good recipe from suppliers and which mirrors Reprocentre’s own business model.

“The product offering is fantastic, not just the print-and-cut workhorse, the CJV30, or the Industry leading JV5 and JV33 range, but a host of other products. These include the UJV LED UV flatbed /roll-to -oll and the larger JFX plus range of LED flatbed printers, a range of textile printers for the growing soft signage market, standalone cutter plotters, and the CF2 and CF3 flatbed cutting tables. With so much more available from Hybrid /Mimaki than via other channels, I now feel that our total sign and display equipment offering is a complete as it can be.”
Dave Rainsford, general manager for Hybrid Services in Ireland, added: “The appointment of the Reprocentre brings an excellent reputation and deep knowledge and expertise in the printing industry to the table and completes Hybrid Services reseller network in Ireland. This will be of huge benefit to the sign, display and commercial print industries here and represents Hybrid’s commitment to giving the best customer service in Ireland which now comprises four industry leading companies in its network.“

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