Apogee Suite


:Apogee Suite Offers Collaborative Portal, Complete Prepress and Color Management Solutions.

:Apogee Suite consists of three main category modules:

:Apogee Portal
:Apogee Portal strengthens the communication and collaboration between printers and their customers. It allows all participants throughout the graphic communications process to collaborate on projects and tasks within a 24/7 accessible web-environment. This results in higher productivity, a shorter number of steps before printing, and reduced costs of reworks and errors.

It includes :Apogee StoreFront, an e-commerce solution that enables print service providers to create web-to-print stores for digital as well as traditional print, :Apogee WebApproval for file and softproof retrieval and :Apogee StreamProof for annotation of fast, high resolution softproofs.


:Apogee Prepress
:Apogee Prepress provides a full JDF-enabled prepress production hub, allowing everyone in the production environment to manage and control all prepress processes. The increased level of automation gives production environments the ability to accomplish more functions with fewer people. It offers complete connectivity to Agfa’s set of CtP engines, as well as innovative technologies such as :Apogee Impose to easy calculate and propose the optimal imposition scheme, :Apogee InkSave for increased ink efficiency and cost savings, and :Apogee Platemaker for continuous plate production.


:Apogee Color
:Apogee Color seamlessly integrates end-to-end quality and color management solutions into the :Apogee Suite solutions. :Apogee Color, including :Apogee Color Quality Manager and :SherpaProof, produces predictable soft and hard copy proofs at critical points in the production cycle. It makes sure that everyone in the communication process looks at the same proof wherever they are.

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