Mimaki UJV100-160 UV LED Printing

New Product Launching First quarter 2021

Mimaki UJV100-160 UV LED Printing.

Expert printing made easy.
– Well-balanced entry-level models with excellent operational performance, image quality, speed, and cost –

With two newly developed heads, the UJV100-160 has pursued high quality, high productivity, and stable operation as a UV-curable inkjet printer.

In addition to NCU (Nozzle Check Unit), NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System4), which enable stable high-quality printing, the DAS (Dot Adjustment System) was incorporated into the new “100 series” printers. Dot position and feed correction, which used to take a lot of time and effort to do manually, can now be done automatically, reducing the workload on the operator.

  1. Latest features that achieve Mimaki quality
    – Dot position / Feeding amount auto correcting function “DAS”
    – Mimaki technology that enables stable and high-quality print
  2. High productivity at a competitive price
    – High-speed printing at a maximum of 23m²/h *
    – Because no drying time is required, it is possible to perform installation or lamination immediately after printing.
  3. Capability of supporting various media types and value-added prints, achieved by using UV-curable ink


New Mimaki 3D Printer announced

The new Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 was launched this week at the online Formnext Connect event and provides much of the functionality and unique features of the existing 3DUJ-553 full colour 3D printer, in a more compact and affordable package. Still sporting the ability to print in 10 million colours at exceptionally high quality, the new model has a build area of 203 x 203 x 76mm.

The innovative 3D printing solution represents a huge step forward for detailing and post-processing, with the unique combination of its full-colour capabilities and water-soluble support materials enabling super-fine details to be printed in vibrant colour, and then beautifully preserved without the substantial breakage risks usually associated with manual cleaning, painting and finishing. With additional features such as Mimaki’s trademark clear resin, which can be utilised alone or mixed with colours to achieve varying levels of transparency, the new 3DUJ-2207 3D printer presents a robust, advanced 3D printing solution with an affordable price tag – all within a machine sufficiently compact to fit in an office lift.

Set to be commercially available worldwide from January 2021.

Mimaki has announced the release of the new ‘100 Series’

Mimaki has announced the release of the new ‘100 Series’; two entry level roll-to-roll inkjet printers – the UJV100-160 (UV model) and the JV100-160 (solvent model). The new models combine high quality printing with high productivity, all at minimal cost to the user. The UJV100-160 is set to be commercially available in December 2020, while the JV100-160 is expected to follow in January 2021.

The new Mimaki UJV100-160 uses lower-cost LUS-190 UV ink which cures immediately after being exposed to UV light, allowing a faster turnaround without the need for a degassing period after printing. The LUS-190 ink can be printed onto not only PVC, but also uncoated substrates such as PET film and paper. The new system is designed to deliver the ideal solution for print businesses to introduce UV printing technology into their production line.

The new Mimaki JV100-160 uses Mimaki’s popular and highly regarded SS21 inkset which allows printers to create a multitude of applications, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Available in both a dual CMYK 4 colour mode and an 8 colour mode, the inks are a proven solution for delivering long lasting, vibrant prints.

GPMI anticipates strong uptake of the new models. “The new UV and solvent ‘100 Series’ printers represent the ideal combination of features and performance at a highly competitive price point,” he states. “Employing proprietary technology found on models that sit further up the Mimaki product line, users will benefit from improved operation, productivity and task automation.”

In line with the Mimaki tagline “Expert Printing Made Easy”, the new printers are fully equipped with features that improve usability for their operators. Both printers in the ‘100 Series’ utilise Mimaki’s new DAS (Dot Adjustment System) feature, developed to support a streamlined, efficient printing process. Dot adjustments are normally carried out manually every time the user changes the media type, however, this new function performs drop position adjustment for bi-directional printing and media feed compensation automatically, to ensure perfect alignments and print quality.

Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager, from Mimaki Europe comments, “Mimaki always prides itself in introducing printing technology that excels when it comes to efficiency and high-quality and these two models fulfil both. The ‘100 Series’ are also versatile printers and users benefit from the flexibility to produce an array of applications, from vibrant wallpapers to high-quality signboards.”

Mimaki’s core technologies such as NCU (Nozzle Check Unit), NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System4), will all be available as standard features on the new printers to help achieve continuous and reliable production. Furthermore, Mimaki has included its new RasterLink7 RIP software with the series, which incorporates Harlequin RIP® developed by Global Graphics Software Ltd. as a core engine. With this new engine, the RIP time can be reduced by up to 25% and for even greater ease of use, variable data printing and favourite settings have been added to the RIP, which is included free of charge with the new printers.