Discovery is a top quality office paper with high bulk and excellent environmental credentials.

Discovery is a lightweight paper offering all the qualities – thickness, stiffness and opacity – of a traditional grammage.

Discovery is produced using Eucalyptus globulus fibres and a specially developed additive (precipitated calcium carbonate). This cutting-edge technology results in paper of unique quality. The pulp yield from Eucalyptus globulus is much higher than that from other trees. This means that by using Discovery you get the same amount of paper from about 32% less wood.

You also cut the amount of paper waste produced by around 6%. Ideal for copy shops, schools, data processing companies, universities and any customers that are feeling the pinch in the economic climate but still care about the environment.

The above information is given for general guidance only and is subject to change without notice. Discovery 2019

Perfect for high volume printing and copying paper l Reduces dust build-up that can cause jams and equipment wear/tear

For use with high volume equipment l Ideal for black & white office applications