Reacto Carbonless Paper


A Reliable Carbonless Paper

The Reacto carbonless paper range is manufactured on efficient, state-of-the-art production lines, to exact standards and specifications, producing a paper with market leading technical features:

  • High quality
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent on-machine runnability
  • Trouble-free finishing
  • Strong black image transfer from first to last sheet
  • FSC® Certified


Great Range

The Reacto range of carbonless sheets is available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Available in CB/CFB/CF, Reverse Collated 2/3 Part, Laser Digital, Digital Reverse Collated and Digital Pre Collated.

Reacto Reels are also available, speak to your local branch for further information.


Great Choice

Reacto carbonless paper sheets are available in white and a selection of five tints; yellow, pink, blue, green and chamois.

Reacto Self Contained has a layer of microcapsule coating on the front that creates a black image without it being used with other carbonless papers, enabling it to be used with any other paper as a top sheet.

Reacto Laser Digital has been specially developed for toner-based digital printing processes and is ideal for both direct toner and preprint applications.


Great Availability

Koehler is committed to the ongoing production and development of carbonless paper.

Together with extensive stock and continuity of supply, Reacto sheets and reels are available next day throughout the UK from your local Premier branch; delivered by experts.


The Environment

Sustainable production processes are part of Koehler’s manufacturing philosophy certified to the DIN ISO 14001 environmental standard.

The Koehler Group continues to invest in biomass cogeneration plants, wind farms,
hydroelectric power, and solar energy. By 2030 It aims to generate more energy
from renewable sources than is required for its paper production; and then go on to make a significant contribution to Europe’s transition from fossil fuels to green energy.