Steinbeis Classic


Steinbeis ClassicWhite is a 100% recycled paper perfect for everyday printing and copying needs.

Smooth-running, high-performance paper for high copy and printing requirements and subsequent trouble-free processing.

Processed without any environmental harmful bleaching agents (chlorine-dioxide or other halogenated bleaching agents) the paper is certified to Blue Angel and EU-Ecolabel.

Manufactured from 100% recovered waste and using unique technologically advanced processes in an integrated pulp and paper mill.

Steinbeis can be recycled after using.

  • Ideal for everyday printing and copying needs
  • Suitable for all current laser and inkjet printing applications
  • images, text, B&W, colour and duplex
  • Smooth running
  • High performance
  • 99.98 free of paper jams in accordance DIN EN12281
  • Made from 100% recovered waste
  • Manufactured in a fully integrated paper and pulp mill