Avalon N8-24 S / N8-20 Sc / B8-24 S


The Avalon N series consists of platesetters with a reputation for solid dependability securing stable quality plate imaging for your printing business.
Avalon N8-24 S is a platesetter with a full assortment of automation options and many productivity options such as internal punching.
Avalon N8-20 Sc is the perfect starter model with a build in dual-load and unload tray for extra operator autonomy and automation.
Avalon B8-24 S is based on the reliable external drum Avalon N architecture and proven fibre-coupled technology, to breach all records of cost effectiveness. The manual loading Avalon B8-24 S is a robust, entry-level output device with on- or offline processing allowing the prepress operator to image 23 pph size 8-up.