Ensocoat 2S

For high end graphical products as well as luxury and cosmetics packaging

Ensocoat 2S by Stora Enso offers top quality for graphical products as well as luxury and cosmetics packaging. A beautiful two-side coated SBS board, it features a double-pigment coating on both the top and the reverse sides which lends a symmetrical appearance to the board.

In packaging, super-smooth Ensocoat 2S is typically used in cosmetics packaging, perfume and other elegance care products as well as premium confectionery and chocolate packaging.

Ensocoat 2S also makes a popular choice for graphical products that require symmetric print results on both sides, like brochures, menus, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags.

Ensocoat 2S is ideal for:

  • Fragrance packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Premium packaging
  • Confectionery packaging
  • High end drinks packaging
  • Promotional displays
  • Covers & folders