MultiLoft™ Sheets

MultiLoft™ brings a new level of product diversity and enables the production of digitally
printed work of up to 1300g/m2.

MultiLoft ™ offers the digital print community new dimensions.

MultiLoft™ is ideal for social stationery, wedding announcements, greeting cards, business cards, event invitations or any digital print project where luxury and ultra-thick results are a must. MultiLoft™ Magnetic is also available.

Printing and Finishing

MultiLoft™ is made using Convertible Solutions cohesive glue technology. Each sheet is either 325 g/m2 or 270g/m2 with print surface on the top side and cohesive glue on the back side. After printing, in a standard digital press, the front and back sheets are assembled back to back. The pressure (no less than 3 ton) from the trimming clamp seals the sheets together to create an impressive 650 g/m2 or 540g/m2 card.

The MultiLoft™ white Inserts (325 g/m2) and the coloured MultiLoft™ Inserts (270 g/m2) have cohesive glue on both sides. These inserts are designed to work in concert with the MultiLoft™ Sheets. With MultiLoft™ Inserts, thickness layers are added by placing inserts between the MultiLoft™ Sheets in order to create triple thick (up to 975 g/m2) or quadruple thick (up to 1300 g/m2) cards.

After assembly, the sheets can be trimmed in various sizes or die cut into speciality shaped cards.

MultiLoft™ Sheets

MultiLoft™ Sheets are ideal for digital printing thanks to their consistency, uniformity and perfect print quality. MultiLoft™ Sheets, with pressure sensitive cohesive on the back, are available in White, UltraWhite and White Accent Opaque.

MultiLoft™ Inserts

MultiLoft™ Inserts have pressure sensitive cohesive on both sides. Thickness layers are added by placing the MultiLoft™ Inserts between the MultiLoft™ Sheets in order to create the sandwich effect: triple thick or impressive quadruple thick (1300 g/m2) cards.