Oppboga Excellent Display

Oppboga Excellent Display

Oppboga Excellent is a 100% Fibre based rigid display board, with a clean white centre and high-quality triple coated liners on both sides.

Oppboga Excellent is made from 100% virgin wood fibres, has a clean white centre and is lighter than most other boards thanks to its high bulk. Its triple coated surface results in a bright, smooth finish which is ideal for printing. Ideal for all Indoor display and POS applications.

• 100% Fibre Based and fully re-cyclable
• Produced with FSC Certified pulp
• Bright white triple coated surface giving smooth and vibrant prints
• High bulk ensures minimal waste and reduces C02 emissions in production and transportation
• Idea for use as a completely plastic free alternative to Foam PVC
• Exceptional strength and rigidity, 2-3x as stiff as the same thickness Foam PVC sheet allowing you to use thinner gauges

• Indoor Application Only
• Point of Sale
• Hanging Signs & Displays

Click here for Oppboga Excellent Display data sheet