PCL labels for litho and laser printing.

Designed with the commercial printer in mind, the unique layout of the PCL A4 label sheets allows full bleed printing of every single label on the sheet. Combined with an extra wide grip edge for trouble free feeding, and the highest quality materials available, you can be sure of fantastic print reproduction and total confidence to use even in the highest speed presses.

To reduce the risk of labels lifting, hard blankets (compressible blankets will only increase the ‘suction’ effect on the labels) and formulated (not just “reduced” inks where colour density may be lost) low tack inks should be used when litho printing die cut labels on all paper grades and Matt White PE.

If a material is to be litho pre-printed and laser overprinted then please ensure the litho inks are specifically laser compatible.

For all other synthetic grades (other than Matt White PE) – Fully oxidising inks must be used when litho printing. You must also ensure that all traces of oil based inks and varnishes are removed from the ink delivery system and that only a light coating of non-dissolvable (hydrophobic) anti set-off spray powder be used -failure to ensue these conditions will affect the ink keying process and retard ink drying.