Evolution Digital Uncoated 100%

The natural selection of paper

In 1831 Charles Darwin embarked on a five year voyage around the world on the HMS Beagle. On his journey he formulated his evolutionary theories.

Declaring that species survived through a process called “natural selection”, where those that successfully adapted, or evolved, to meet the changing requirements of their habitat
thrived, such is the case with Evolution Digital recycled paper.

An evolutionary paper

Much like Darwin’s observations of evolution within the animal kingdom, paper has evolved some way from its papyrus origins in Egypt 3,000 BC and its fibre based beginnings which is thought to be in China AD47.

The Evolution range of papers is now at the top of the evolutionary tree in many ways. It has been developed to meet the specific technological requirements for digital
printing together with unparalleled environmental credentials. Evolution Digital is produced at an integrated recycled mill with industry leading environmental standards.

Evolution Digital Uncoated 100%, is a 150 CIE high white uncoated sheet produced using 100% reclaimed FSC® certified fibre.