Duprint GRAPHIC’s, based in Dundalk, Co Louth has recently increased its large format production capacity with the installation of a Mimaki JV33-130 printer and a CG130-FX2 plotter. Although the company started off primarily as screen-printing operation manufacturing machinery decals, heavy duty trims and facia panels, it was pressure from clients for smaller runs which forced duprint to open a digital division. Its main client base spans retail and exhibition and the investment in the Mimaki JV33-130 printer and CG130-FX2 plotter was undertaken to complement and extend its existing Roland AdvancedJET AJ-740i printers capability as well as allowing it to produce short run work normally produced on the company’s Summa DC4SX thermal transfer printer-cutter.

MD of duprint Martin Dunne explained.

“The Summa is the next thing to a screen print regarding quality,” said Dunne. “It’s a very good machine but unfortunately you can only purchase a specific colour ribbon for it which is a limitation in itself, so it’s fine for spot colours. But the Mimaki allows us to do full colour work and also offer new solutions to clients. Although it’s complementing the Summa, it can also produce POP-Ups, vechicle wraps etc, all at a very high quality level.”

Dune said that although duprint also had a Roland AJ-740i, he felt that the Mimaki JV33-130 was superior for prints that require very fine detail.

“The AJ-740i is fine for larger applications,” added Dunne. “When you get down to very fine detail then the Mimaki wins out. One of the areas that we are very strong in is retail. Typically this would involve producing window graphics and other items such as counter graphics. We also have the capability to produce full vehicle wraps.”

To-day duprint’s business is evenly split between screen printing and digital large format printing although as Dunne remarked, it seems that with clients demanding shorter run lengths and more on-demand product he is beginning to notice a distinct shift in his business across to digital large format.

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