April 2014 – GMG Color is very pleased to announce that it has appointed Reprocentre as a fully-accredited GMG solutions provider in Ireland, effective immediately.

“Reprocentre is Ireland’s market leading supplier of equipment and consumables and has a tremendous reputation for delivering first rate products and service to its customers,” says Toby Burnett, MD, GMG UK. “This is a strong partnership that unites GMG’s proofing and colour management solutions with Reprocentre’s wealth of technical knowledge in all aspects of proofing and the printing process.”

Based in Dublin, with an operation in Belfast, Reprocentre has a combined staff of 21, eight of whom are field service engineers. “Our relationship with our customers and our suppliers is of utmost importance to us,” says Eoin Honan, Sales Director, Reprocentre. “Since most of our customers rely on us for routine supply of consumables and service, we have a responsibility to ensure that the systems we sell are professionally maintained. We can do this because we employ fully trained and experienced engineers who work across the whole of Ireland.”

Reprocentre’s customers are split between the lithographic and sign and display markets. Addressing their proofing needs over the years, supplying DuPont Cromalin in all its analogue and digital variants, has given Reprocentre a thorough understanding of the important role a standardised proof plays in the printing process. Reprocentre acknowledges that GMG has become the ‘gold standard’ of the industry and will introduce GMG’s professional colour management solutions to customers alongside GMG’s proofing software.

As a leading developer and supplier of high-end proofing and colour management software solutions, GMG fits in very well with Reprocentre’s list of world class suppliers which includes names such as Agfa, Canon, Esko, HP, KBA and Mimaki. With GMG software solutions, Reprocentre’s customers can be assured that they have the right tools at their fingertips to ensure smooth-running, high-quality production in the various stages of the proofing and print process. Brian Crawford, MD, Reprocentre, says: “We are delighted to have been appointed to represent GMG in Ireland and we see it as a great opportunity to help our customers produce top quality product by attaining a recognised international standard. Consistency of result will bring savings and strengthen their relationship with their clients.”


Alan O’Brien…working on the GMG Colorserver workstation in the Reprocentre Showroom

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