“Never will the quality of what we print be compromised,” says Paul Brierton, Managing Director of DP Imaging, “even if it takes an extra hour, so be it.” This is in the face of clients working to tighter and tighter deadlines. So, how does DP Imaging manage to run such a successful operation in the face of such demands?

The printing industry has changed considerably over the past twenty years and DP Imaging has kept a close eye on technological advances and adapted its business accordingly.

The company is now very focused on large format digital printing and DP Imaging has invested in several pieces of high-end equipment to ensure it delivers exactly what its customers require. With key customers in the event industry, a lot of the work involves detailed large graphics, requiring extremely high quality standards.

DP Imaging also partner with a lot of local sign companies who don’t have the equipment, capacity and expertise DP Imaging has. Paul comments, “It doesn’t make sense for these small companies to invest in such expensive equipment which will only be required occasionally. We have the capability to deliver this on their behalf.”

Paul believes one of the key strengths of DP Imaging is the staff. A small team, yes, but all 100% hands on. The directors don’t spend all day sat in the office sorting the paperwork, but are on the ground floor with the rest of team. Their skills and expertise hugely contribute to the success of the company, as they understand exactly what is going on in the market and recognise what customers want. Many competitors have it the opposite way round, where they have lots of staff but not so much equipment. Paul is confident that DP Imaging’s approach is fundamental to its success.

All the equipment DP Imaging uses has been purchased from the Reprocentre. Paul continued, “We’ve worked with the Reprocentre for over 20 years and feel both companies have successfully developed together. We hugely value their knowledge, experience and technical expertise. They keep abreast of everything that is going on in the market and provide us with sound advice as well as extremely reliable and high quality equipment. After all these years we’re still very appreciative of all their advice and support, and would never entertain the thought of speaking to anyone but Eoin Honan and the team of engineers at the Reprocentre. They install and service all our equipment too and their after sales service is just as impressive.”

One thing Paul isn’t keen on doing is overworking his equipment. Though some of the kit is printing during the night to meet tight deadlines, he doesn’t allow it to run over capacity. He will ensure they run to their absolute optimum in terms of quality and time, though the quality of a job will never be compromised. Paul believes this has resulted in a large number of loyal customers who know they will never be let down by DP Imaging.

The directors regularly take a step back to evaluate the whole operation, looking at the equipment, staffing and customer requirements. The plan is to invest in a more productive and efficient flatbed printer in the next 12 months. Guess who they’ll be speaking to for some advice?

For more information speak to Reprocentre Dublin +353 1 409 3100/Belfast 028 9083 9835 or email sales@gpmi.ie or see the website at www.gpmi.ie

Alternatively contact DP Imaging on +353 87 254 6398 or email dpimaging@eircom.net

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