Reprocentre plan to run a open house in our Reprocentre Dublin showroom on the 11th,12th 18th & 19th May…showcasing for the first time in Ireland the HP Latex LX800 3.2m wide printer.

The HP Scitex LX800 printer was launched at Ipex 2010, and has proven popular with print service providers looking for a versatile, high throughput device, with the ability to attract environmentally conscious customers. The LX800 features roll-to-free-fall, roll-to-collector and dual-roll (up to two 1.52m/60″ rolls) capabilities. The LX800 also produces high-quality output with 1,200dpi resolution at production speeds up to 88sq m/hr (947sq ft/hr) for outdoor billboards and up to 45sq m/hr (484sq ft/hr) for indoor applications.

The LX800 offers high substrate versatility with the ability to print on a wide range of media – including low-cost, uncoated papers and HP recyclable media. Primary applications for the LX800 include point-of-purchase displays; soft signage; outdoor and events signage and banners; backlit displays and vehicle wraps and graphics.
In addition, prints produced with HP latex inks are odourless, making them suitable for most locations where odour is a concern – for example wall coverings and wallpapers, which cover a large surface, and where odour could be immediately noticeable.

For outdoor applications the LX800 offers durability including scratch-, smudge- and water-resistance comparable with low- and eco-solvent inks, ideal for items that may be exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The 3.2m LX800 is the third generation of printers that uses HP latex inks, and is HP’s largest and most productive printer to use this water-based technology to date. HP latex inks do not require special handling, contain no materials requiring hazard warning labels, and are non-flammable and non-combustible. They do not produce ozone emissions during printing and contain no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants).

Contact Reprocentre for further information, or drop along to our open house and see then printer in action.

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