A new supplier of large format digital printing materials arrives in Ireland

Reprocentre have partnered with GM Media to bring to the Irish market, quality large format media products. GM media supply high quality materials with a perfect product price and quality ratio allowing a printing house to reduce its production costs, and their clients to enjoy high quality prints, excellent performance characteristics and high durability products.

GM MEDIA is a fast growing supplier of large format digital printing supplies in European markets. Its success is based on competitive prices and superior quality. The company has a professional and tailored approach to their customer’s business needs, and a portfolio range diversity that enables them to meet almost any specification and realisation of a wide range of printing projects.

GM MEDIA experts not only test thoroughly each product included in the range, they engage third parties as the quality arbitrators – many of the GM Media products have been certified by HP.

Citylight Paper: So many bright opportunities

Citylight Paper is paper intended for large format printing with high quality coating and properties determined by paper structure to uniformly disperse the light emanating from the light box. It’s a perfect choice for citylights, scrolling systems & posters of various sizes.

The category of Citylight Paper products is one of the largest in the range of GM Media products. On the one hand, this ensures versatility of this category: the customer has the opportunity to choose paper ideal for the ink technology used – Latex, UV, Solvent or Eco Solvent, and on the other hand, offers customers a unique choice of options. With an extremely wide range of sizes available – up to 2.5 m – Citylight Paper can be used even in very large print jobs. The range is also offered in matt or semi-glossy paper surface, and is even available in three possible thicknesses of the paper – 150, 200 and 250 gr/m2, which results in the extreme usability of Citylight Paper.

The most popular paper of this category – Citylight Paper 1100 – has been certified by HP for use on its Latex printers.

Blueback Paper: For easily maintained impressive billboards

Our Blueback Paper provides material with opacity and with special paper coating for perfect print quality. Blueback Paper is ideal for outdoor billboards, indoor or outdoor posters.

It does not matter what ink technology – UV, Latex, Solvent, Mild Solvent or Eco Solvent – you use: an optimal paper and printer duo will be selected for you from our wide range of Blueback Paper materials.

Great variety of possible Blueback Paper specifications not only ensures compatibility of selected material with ink technology used, but also allows customers to choose individual products: paper of different width up to 1.6 m, and larger or smaller paper rolls – according to specifics and print costs need.

Blueback Paper has exceptional strength property that is important not only for a billboard operation during a longer time period, but also for sticking it on the display. Due to the excellent folding and gluing characteristics Blueback Paper doesn’t crease, doesn’t crack. It is highly resistant to both dry and wet weather conditions.

Backlit glossy: lightboxes of impeccable quality and brilliance

Backlit glossy is a transparent film that disseminates light with uniform brightness – it’s a perfect choice for lightboxes. Due to the exclusive coating, images reproduced on this film have uncompromised quality, a sharp contrast of colours and eye-catching shine. The latter effect is created by the smoothness and gloss of Backlit glossy surface. Due to the said coating Backlit glossy products are extremely resistant to scratching, while the film thickness ensures stability and durability. The grade produces excellent results when printing in any ink technology – Eco Solvent, Mild Solvent, Solvent, UV, or Latex. Backlit glossy has also been certified by HP for excellent compatibility with large format latex printers.

Sticky Synthetic Paper: sticks without glue

Sticky Synthetic Paper is a sticker without glue, usually applied on a smooth surface and easily removed from it leaving no superficial traces. Apply, remove, re-apply… – this can be repeated as many times as needed. It will not impair adhesiveness of the sticker.

It is recommended for production of stickers to be applied on expensive and sensitive surfaces which have to be smooth, such as glass, steel, etc.

Another point worth noting is that the adhesiveness of Sticky Synthetic Paper is not based on electrostatic technology, therefore a printing house will not experience problems associated with static electricity during production process.

The material is made of readily biodegradable polypropylene, so it is environmentally friendly.

Textile Banner: Subtle nuances of colours stay long on the display

Textile Banner is material of exceptional whiteness boasting one of the widest colour gamut intended for exhibition systems.  The material is intended for printing applications to be exhibited indoor, and also outdoor, if the exhibition period does not exceed 12 months.

Independent testing laboratory, ‘Color Concept’ were engaged for assessment of colour coverage of Textile Banner. As a result of careful research, they attributed Textile Banner to materials with one of the most extensive colour gamut in it’s category of products.

Colour shades obtained due to the special surface coating stay bright and eye-catching for a long time: they do not fade, do not lose intensity and make the audience enjoy them again and again. As well as the wonderful texture Textile Banner can be used even for very large jobs, as the maximum width of material reaches 3.2 m.

Flatex Banner: A wonderfully smooth display – today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow…

Flatex Banner material is designed for the production of displays, exhibited both indoors and outdoors. It is very light, and exceptionally smooth, and this property which characterises the material, remains unchanged even after an extended time of display. The surface of Flatex Banner is like a textile, thereby creating a highly appealing image of the final product.

It is environmentally friendly and made of readily degradable materials, without PVC which is widely used in this market.

Flatex Banner has been certified by HP for printing it on large format latex printers.

Canvas: Charmingly natural impression

Canvas 1300-260 is made of 100 per cent natural cotton canvas with medium-coarse texture, matt, milky white. It is ideal for reproductions, digital photos and other interior decoration items. When the canvas is stretched (for example, on the underframe), it does not crack – the image quality remains impeccable, and the surface is smooth.

Canvas 1300-260 has been certified by HP for printing it on large format latex printers.


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