The Reprocentre Group has announced details of its upcoming roadshows and open house in March, designed to showcase Mimaki’s range of printers and plotters. The company was recently appointed a reseller of Mimaki printers by Hybrid Services (UK).

Eoin Honan, sales director at Reprocentre explained why the company choose to run the road shows. “This is Reprocentre’s first showing of the Mimaki machines since it was appointed as a dealer, even though to date the company has already sold five units. I figured that the best way to market them to country customers was to actually visit the main local centres around Ireland with a road show since its always difficult for companies based outside Dublin to make the time to travel as it means a full day away from work whatever way you cut it. So making it local should prove a better success for Reprocentre outside Dublin.”

Honan added: “There will be a range of machines on show at each venue. These include the Mimaki CJV30-130 all-in-one print-and-cut, as well as the well known Mimaki JV33-130 with standalone Mimaki plotter CGFXII for customers with a higher throughput requirement. All these printers can be configured with white and metallic inks. Each show will also demonstrate, for the first time in Ireland, the Mimaki UJF -3042 desktop UV printer.”

The road shows will be held on Monday 7 March at the Silversprings Hotel, Cork, on Tuesday 8 March in the Clarion Hotel Limerick, on Wednesday 9 March the road show moves to the Clayton hotel in Galway, and finally on Thursday 10 March to the Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny with each session running from 10.30am to 5:30pm daily.

Reprocentre’s open house days in Dublin will be held on the 23 and 24 March at its Dublin showrooms on the Nangor road, Dublin 12.

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