Dear Customer/Supplier

Swiftbrook to become part of GPMI, but business as usual

We are pleased to inform you that Graphic and Paper Merchants Holdings Limited (“GPMI”) has signed an agreement to acquire the Swiftbook business from Essentra Packaging Ireland Limited, with completion of the transaction expected before end-O3 2018.

Swiftbrook is highly complementary to GPMl’s activities in Ireland, sharing a focus on providing customers with value-added solutions through the use of technologies, systems and production capabilities.


Business as usual

We would like to stress that right now for all our customers and suppliers it is “business as usual”, with Essentra continuing to manage the business until completion of the acquisition.
As a valued customer, we shall continue to remain in contact with you providing a comprehensive update on the proposed developments for our business. Should you have any initial questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or your sales representative.

For your interest, further information on GPMI can be found at


Full PDF can be found here

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