Hightech press to support expansion in European market

Catalent Pharma Solutions (now part of the Clondalkin Group), one of the leading providers of advanced technologies and outsourced services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer health industries, announces the purchase of a next-generation 10-colour plus drying tower and coating unit, KBA Rapida 106 printing press at its printed components facility in Dublin, Ireland, to support expansion in the UK and European market.   

The KBA Rapida 106 10-colour press for Catalent Pharma Solutions in Dublin has been ordered in an unusual 2-over-8 configuration plus drying tower and coating tower at the end of the press. Equipped with KBA DriveTronic SPC direct drive technology for each plate cylinder, the high performance B1 press will be enabling for the first time the concurrent production and make ready of alternate jobs reducing downtime to a minimum

Due to be installed in June 2009, the KBA Rapida 106 is part of an ongoing investment in the Dublin plant to support the growth of its European Printed Component business. The press is capable of printing 15,000 sheets per hour and features a unique combination of advanced systems that provide transparent assurance of print quality and product integrity throughout the print run.

Fitted with the unique QualiTronic Professional full-sheet scanning system, which KBA developed for its currency printing presses, the QualiTronic camera scans each sheet (front and back) at over three million pixels of resolution in full production speed. The image is then inspected and compared to an approved master sheet for any inconsistencies or deviations. If any deviations are found, the sheet is marked for removal downstream. The system can also detect any minute colour changes and automatically adjust the press in a closed-loop sequence, without the need for operator intervention.

The press also has a simultaneous plate changing (SPC) system for rapid makereadies and Plate-Ident to reduce run-up waste and ensure correct sequencing. Its innovative 2-over-8 configuration offers the ultimate in efficiency, enabling for the first time the concurrent production and make ready of alternate jobs on a single press reducing downtime to a minimum. This establishes the flexibility needed to effectively service both high- and low-volume jobs without sacrificing the superb quality, resolution and colour of true offset printing. The press also runs at low energy consumption levels, which supports Catalent’s efficiency goals and benefits its customers through improved carbon footprint audits.

“The KBA press brings a variety of innovative capabilities specifically tailored to meet the changing needs of our customer base,” said Victor Dixon, vice president and general manager of Printed Components business. “It introduces a higher standard in pharmaceutical carton supply and follows our investment in similar technology upgrades at our plants in the US and Puerto Rico. Our Dublin plant, which has served the pharmaceutical and healthcare market since it opened in 1989, has continually raised the bar for others to follow, and again leads its competitors with this investment.”

KBA (UK) Ltd sales director Mark Nixon comments: “KBA has shown that its commitment is to ensuring that printers don’t just get the job done, but that they get the job done right. Yes, we have the high production speeds and yes we have the instant makereadies, but unless you have the on-board quality controls that can react in real time you are only printing more waste. Catalent has recognised that these new technologies will bring a significant advantage to their production processes and deliver unique benefits to their customers.”

“KBA is defined by the highest standards of excellence that it sets itself; the advanced control and performance systems available at every stage on the new 106, end-to-end, represent the pinnacle of technological innovation, developed by our specialists across the range of our larger format machines. The result is the most versatile specialist press ever in the medium format.”

About Catalent

Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Catalent is one of the leading providers of advanced dose form and packaging technologies, and development, manufacturing, packaging and printing services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer healthcare companies in nearly 100 countries. There are three UK sites at Corby, Bolton, Swindon, as well as the Dublin plant, which are supporting its expansion in the UK and European market.

With $1.8bn sales in 2008, Catalent employs approximately 9,100 at more than 30 facilities worldwide. For more information, visit  www.catalent.com

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